What We Do..?

We believe in personal and professional growth of our working force and this eventuates with trainings, opportunities, and harmony. We warmly accept radical ideas and opinions from our team that can surely result into life changing inventions.

Amongst many, there are only few who stand out. This is the calibre that we look out in the geeks, willing to join Sonacon Entertainment.

  • We are looking for the best-in-class technology, business and editorial professionals.
  • We strive to give the event a personal, customized touch by managing it with perfection.
  • Our services include celebrity management, planning and executing events, expos, seminars etc.
  • Any Entertainment Event being our core service area assures to calibrate all the exquisite requirements.
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"Sonacon provides specialized and professional opportunities to Make Your Mark in your Career. We provide great live hosting service, Web & application development services in all accross world's."

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This is an era of cut throat competition; you must have something special in you which others don't have. Sonacon have valuable resources that takes initiate and do terrific job!

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"Sonacon have No-1 Online Live Streaming Entertainment Platform, We provide Genuine No-1 Live Media Hosting Platforms to fresh face of Talented Artists in the worldwide."

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